A Brother Paul Update…in his words:

Brother Paul is one of our National Overseers. He travels into areas that are not friendly to the true Gospel message. Read along and “listen” as Brother Paul shares some of his recent experiences.

Greetings to you in the name of Lord and savior Jesus Christ who is coming soon. God has given me a great opportunity to go for missions.  I would like to give you brief about mission area. God has given me an opportunity to share the Gospel in two villages after the assembly.  There is no church in these two villages long back  ago some missionaries visited one of these villages  unfortunately  they were killed.  God allowed me to preach the gospel in these villages. After my visit I am continuously communicating with  some people in that village and they are asking me to visit their place again.  We prayed and decided to go for missions to this place. Unfortunately some are discouraged me not to go there this time.  I told believers  that I am visiting , I don’t have money to go there, Many of knew that I am living by faith only I don’t have any bank balances . I have to  depend on him  for our daily bread. The devil try to hinder this mission trip, but my heart is telling me to go and preach the word of God. After many discussions Local church supported me $109  but it is not sufficient to go there. Day by day I gone through more stress and high  blood pressure. If I miss this opportunity I may not go there again.  I have only one option  is to get money from money lender. Recently I share the gospel  with money  lender  he accepted Christ is God. I shared my situation and my burden to go for mission trip he told me that I will sponsor the trip. I never expect this much of amount from Him. I went  to borrow money but he sponsored. What a wonderful it is. What a wonderful God we serve. He is not a Christian though he helped.  Please pray for him and  his salvation. Php 4:19  But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Amen.

God has given me an opportunity to for mission work. In this mission area full of idol worshippers and  witchcraft people  and every year they  burnt offer thousands of animals. These people are in the bondage of hard customs and traditions. Its not an easy thing to talk with these people and very dangerous.  Me and one of our minister visiting each house and talking with the people.  People are very aggressive.   I am able to visit four villages  and met 75 families.  11 people are accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. These 11 people are came forward to take baptism  but some family members are not accepted them to take baptism.  God has given me an opportunity to give baptism for four persons.  God did a great miracle on Saturday one women who took baptism she is willing to give  4 cents of land to construct the church which is beside her house. She is an a widow and has three sons. She is not a rich women.  Its value around $ 6,000.00. what an amazing .   The problem is village people are not willing to construct church in this place. Every thing is possible with God and we have a mighty weapon for all our problems that is Prayer.  

In this mission trip we  found  three crucial villages  who are very strong believers of Hinduism but  we have one member in each place. Its not an easy thing to  reach and share Gospel . It is our prayer to reach these villages with the help of these  three members .  These three mission fields  are needed   frequent visits  to share the gospel and encourage the members. There is no transportation facility.   We have to hire the small vehicle called auto which has accommodate  four people, it is so expensive and its not safe to the local pastor.  We need your prayers to have a small auto for the local minister.  We are praying if we have this vehicle we may reach  people  very frequently and we can take   some of our members along with us to visit these villages.  We are praying to have  used vehicle  its cost nearly $1800 to $2000.

They don’t have even doors for their houses, they don’t have mats even to sit,  they will use fire wood to prepare their every day meal, if they don’t have work two days they are in more troubles for food. They are living in such a pathetic situation. I am urging you all please pray for these families and they came forward to listen the word of God and accepted Christ. Please remember in your daily prayers for their salvation and better life. Once again I am very thankful to you for your prayers. In His Service, Brother Paul